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International sales coaching provides specialized training for companies looking to expand their operations worldwide. It equips sales teams with crucial skills, such as effective cross-cultural communication and negotiation techniques. This training significantly enhances a company's ability to market and sell products in foreign markets, leading to increased revenue. Moreover, it fosters robust connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Importantly, it serves as a safeguard against costly mistakes. With this coaching, companies not only thrive in the global market, but also gain a competitive edge in the industry. It's akin to granting them a formidable ability to excel on a worldwide scale!

Half-Day Online Coaching

The project includes a half-day online coaching workshop, limited to a maximum of 10 persons. This condensed agenda focuses on key aspects of international sales, including cultural adaptation, market research, and cross-cultural communication. It provides a structured and interactive learning experience within a half-day format.
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Example content of coaching:

Understanding International Sales

  • Define international sales and its significance in the global market.
  • Discuss cultural and logistical considerations.

Adapting to Diverse Markets

  • Techniques for understanding and adapting to different cultures and markets.

Market Research and Entry Strategies

  • Teach participants how to conduct effective market research.
  • Discuss entry strategies for different regions.

Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Strategies for effective communication in international sales.
  • Role-playing exercises to practice cross-cultural scenarios

Full detailed content and agenda will be drawn together with the customer.

Full-Day On-Site Coaching

The project includes a full-day on-site coaching workshop, limited to a maximum of 10 persons. This on-site full-day agenda covers essential aspects of international sales, including market understanding, cultural intelligence, communication skills, and negotiation tactics. It offers a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.

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Example content of coaching:

Session 1: Introduction to International Sales

  • Provide an overview of the importance of international sales.

Session 2: Understanding Global Markets

  • Global Market Dynamics
    • Discuss key factors influencing global markets and opportunities.
  • Market Entry Strategies
    • Explore different entry strategies and their applications in diverse markets.

Session 3: Cultural Intelligence and Adaptation

  • Cultural Intelligence in Sales
    • Teach participants how to navigate and leverage cultural differences.
  • Interactive Cultural Adaptation Exercises
    • Engage in interactive exercises to practice adapting to various cultural scenarios.

Session 4: Effective Communication in International Sales

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
    • Provide strategies for effective communication in international settings.
  • Role-Playing and Scenario Practice
    • Engage in role-playing exercises to apply communication skills.

Session 5: Global Negotiation and Deal-Making

  • Negotiation Tactics in International Sales
    • Discuss negotiation strategies and best practices in international contexts.
  • Simulated Negotiation Scenarios
    • Engage in realistic negotiation scenarios to apply the learned tactics.

Full detailed content and agenda will be drawn together with the customer.

“Petri's support and advice in building our international go-to-market strategy and funding round were proactive, effective, and successful.”
Tero Alanen, CEO at Taimer
“We were in the middle of entering a new market and we needed a solid, structured sales process and streamlined sales management guidelines, to rapidly expand our global footprint. Petri delivered just that.”
Janne Anttila, CEO at Analyse Solutions
“Petri has been a great resource for us in launching our business in the Nordics. They were able to qualify and progress several potential customers quickly and in a very professional manner.”
Oksana Krutybich, Director of Partner Relations at Miratech
“With Petri's excellent network and hunter attitude, we were able to find the right partners for a successful market entry in Finland.”
Franck Attia, CEO at Straneo
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Who am I?

My name is Petri Rinne and I am a hands-on strategy consultant and advisor with more than 30 years of experience specializing in internationalization, market entry, and go-to-market strategy for B2B tech companies. I've worked with companies ranging from startups to big Fortune 500.

Companies come to me when they need help with their international expansion strategies and execution. Whether it be about gaining clarity on how to proceed, crafting the strategies and plans, or building local sales teams in target markets.


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