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Petri Rinne

Experienced hands on strategy consultant, advisor, specialized in helping companies with growth and internationalisation strategies, execution and strategic partnerships.

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Ongoing Advisory

With over 30 years of experience, I am available to work as an ongoing advisor for your company. This is mostly suitable for tech or SaaS companies that have medium to enterprise-sized customers with longer and more complex sales cycles. I'll be able to help you with strategies, go-to-market planning, partner channels, and M&A.

Market Entry Blueprint

If you are planning on entering new markets within the next couple of years but you're not clear on how and when. Expanding to new international markets too early or unprepared could have costly consequences. With Market Entry Blueprint, you'll gain absolute clarity on what steps your company needs to take in order to be ready to tackle international markets.
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International Sales Coaching

International sales coaching provides specialized training for companies looking to expand their operations worldwide. It equips sales teams with crucial skills, such as effective cross-cultural communication and negotiation techniques. This training significantly enhances a company's ability to market and sell products in foreign markets, leading to increased revenue.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Strategies for Closing More Business in Uncertain Times with Ville Honkimäki

Watch the webinar replay with special guest Ville Honkimäki, CEO @ Data company Profinder

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Watch this podcast episode with special guest Steffan Schumacher, SVP @ Qt Group

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My Interests & Expertise

I help companies to grow. I’m an advisor to several companies where my focus is on growth and internationalization strategies, including partner strategies and programs, alliances, and sales. I also source technologies and services to corporations to boost their innovation and competitive edge. I have also helped companies to raise funding from investors, VCs and governmental organizations.
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